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Multi-functional Shrimp Peeler

Multi-functional Shrimp Peeler

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Introducing the Multi-functional Shrimp Peeler.  The ultimate game changer in your kitchen.

This must-have artifact offers fast and convenient peeling of shrimp shells and removal of shrimp veins, allowing you to enjoy succulent seafood dishes with ease.

Not just for shrimp, it quickly removes fish scales/shrimp shells and lines, opens fish maw, butterflies shrimp, and peels duck/chicken/pig intestines.

Crafted with a sharp blade for perfect preparation of seafood each time.  The Multi-functional Shrimp Peeler is one versatile kitchen tool.

Make meal prep easier today with this one indispensable kitchen invention!


Item Type: Shrimp Deveiner
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Total Length: 9.2 in.
Weight: 0.9 lb.

Package Includes: 1 x Multifunctional Fast Shrimp Peeler


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